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Kontaktuppgifter, ansvarig för evenemanget
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Date and time for start, format for time is hh:mm (ex 17:30)
Lunch concerts normally start 12:30
Other concerts normally start 19:00

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After editorial processing this information will be used as a short ingress (ca 100 characters) and a descriptive text about the event. NOTE - not leaflet/guide information such as listings of works and compositors. Please do include participants and instruments.
Länkar till ljud- och/eller videofiler

Här kan du lägga länkar till de vanligaste sociala mediakanalerna, som komplettering till din beskrivning. Publiceras på

Service och teknik
(to let us know how the stage should be set, we also want to know if you request an empty stage)
(f.e. cembalo, two grand pianos etc.)
Technical requirements
(projector, whiteboard etc.)